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Are you curious to know more about Marijuana health benefits?

Marijuana has become a HOT & TRENDING topic, more so in the medical sphere. It’s not all about getting high and more about how individuals can heal by using the natural plant.

Who would have thought that a ‘mere’ plant such as Marijuana has over 100 chemicals essential to the human body, mind and soul, also referred to as cannabinoids.

There are many records of positive testimonials and research conducted to prove the real benefits of Marijuana.

Below are some of the health benefits, just to name a few:

  • Relieve pain and inflammation

  • Can kill cancer cells

  • Helps with relaxation

  • Ability to reduce vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy

Meet one of our clients who suffered from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, high blood pressure, trauma from abuse as a child, cancer, and a stroke.

We can all agree that this sounds like a hopeless story and one that can never make it out of the dark but with the right support on your side anything is possible.

Get to see and feel a glimpse of how our NEKED magic can help you through this poetic piece from our client.


Barely visible, but there are signs of life”, floated softly back into the mirror after a great (NEKED Wedding Cake) night’s sleep. “Great” is a peculiar way to describe sleeping patterns in this household since I was about five or six years old. Back in the day, when I was first introduced to trauma, I instantaneously snapped back to a less unpleasant reality as it hit me.

The guilt, shame and debilitating self-hate all jumped back out of the woodworks like a feral pack of girl scout zombies. Understandable under these conditions, their munchies have priority over my “barely visible, but there’’ signs of life.

This time is different; I can hold off a panic attack. Trust me, this is a massive win for me. I’ve gained a love for myself and others I didn’t possess previously; I don’t care or love more, just differently and individually. I allowed myself the time, energy, and courage to heal. And I’m ready to share a little glimpse of that with you; just know that a healing lifestyle with cannabis comes with consequences! It’s not getting high for the sake of getting high; it’s a barrel of contagious laughs that comes with the HIGHS and lows. It’s really caring for the good days, celebrating the great days and introspection on the bad ones. It’s respect for yourself, the plant and those you love around you. I wasn’t completely lost the day I ended up in NEKED.

NEKED is tangible. With the “good vibes only” mood in full swing, Vanessa and the team spared me the “ask all the dagga for dummies questions” with the quality of information they provided me from the get-go. The consistency of the advice won me over and placed a damper on that debilitating self–hate! Something the plant does as you give in to the chill.

As you know, with trauma comes baggage, and with baggage comes people and their first human right – Prejudice. With prejudice comes the opportunity for understanding and love. And by the grace of God, if we give up on love, what is left to live for? Fear and the fear of the unknown, of taking back the “Addict Badge”, added to my own prejudice against dagga. Fearing what others may say dissipate when you and the people you interact with see the change inside. Letting others in on your dagga expeditions will show that you stay the same colour and don’t have any weirder than laughing, chilling, and eating tendencies. Educate them then, with facts and respect!

I took back the “Addict Badge”, which is part of my identity. That makes me this crazy beautiful broken loving human. It’s who I am in this life. I’m here to show people you can stand up again! There is more than one way that works; if your path is unconventional, safe, and you are surrounded by knowledge, go for it.

I suffer from severe anxiety, depression, chronic pain, high blood pressure, trauma from abuse as a child, cancer, and a stroke. Since smoking regularly and actively working on my well-being, I’ve never been better. It takes a team like a team NEKED & Vanessa many terrible days, a support system on steroids, patience, and faith.

But it’s possible! One joint at a time.

There are many individuals that are suffering from physical pain, and mental health issues. We understand and care hence creating NEKED with the intention of assisting individuals to find healing. We do so by ensuring that we supply expertise, consistency & quality.

As we enter mental illness awareness month, we would like to remind you that you are not alone. #TogetherWeedGetBetter.

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As a 22 year old male who grew up in Lesotho, I went through my whole school life without consuming any narcotics due to the stigma, prejudice or overall negative effects. During my gap year I decided to test out what I've been avoiding to get a first hand experience. Alcohol is still a hard pass for me.. but marijuana changed my life for the better

My perspective, my spirituality, my empathy, my mental illnesses, and much more. All these benefited for the past 3 years I'm grateful to the herb. Obviously too much of anything is a bad thing so balance is important.

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