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Here it is, from the doctor’s mouth, there are benefits to Marijuana!

We don’t just heal ordinary people, but we also heal medical healers, and we do it the natural way all with the help of the beautiful and friendly mother nature herself.

The healing journey of Dr Sandrina Haeck CPsychol, a clinical Psychologist along with her mother and many of our other clients' testimonial stories is great evidence that NEKED cannabis products truly make a positive health difference in society.

We stand for healing the #nationmovement.

The journey of life can be unsettling at times as we encounter unpleasant health challenges and want solutions that can improve our health issues. The truth is that we are all in pursuit of peace, good health & pure bliss!

NEKED, fortunately, understands that. Our core existence is to help you discover a healing journey that is specifically suitable for you!

We pride ourselves in knowing that we have helped save someone from difficulties such as anxiety, eczema, Insomnia, depression, past traumas, and intense pain just to name a few.

We choose to contribute and create impact in order to have a healed-led nation through NEKED Cannabis products.

We have a diverse client base & so are their healing journeys, which are unique & exciting. Just like our NEKED products. We are beyond an ordinary brand as we cater for every individual's unique preference, so they can own their healing their way, supported by NEKED!

When the helper is healed naturally

As a clinical psychologist with close on two decades, within a thriving practice in Fourways Johannesburg, and a proponent of human healing, I decided to try another route with my own healing. Having struggled with unsightly eczema my entire life, I decided to reach out to Vanessa Jarvis Findlay, the owner and founder of ‘NEKED’ in Clarens.

I have known Vanessa for close on 15 years and over that period of time , seen her flourish from strength to strength on her own inner and outer journey which included healing herself of cancer, and arriving at the point where she is now a true, natural - Mother Earth, healer of note, and a supplier of the supreme range of CBD products and more, under her very quirky ‘NEKED l’ brand.

Vanessa suggested the (Koi CBD Healing balm) to me, and within 9 days my eczema was cleared. I cannot celebrate this win enough!! I truly am grateful to Vanessa from ‘NEKED’ for this awesome recommendation, my unsightly skin is now rejuvenated; and I am able to wear my summer clothes without hiding certain parts of myself, as I was self-conscious of them for so long.

Not only did Vanessa assist me towards healing, but She also assisted my elderly mother, who struggles with insomnia, by suggesting she use - full extract cannabis oil (FECO) 1ml.

The first night my mom felt a little dazed but soon realized she needed to lie down after taking it, as she was used to taking sleeping pills for the past 50 years and needed to adapt to the difference between a man-made substance, vs a natural remedy. She is beyond thrilled with her FECO oil and it’s results, she has had deeper, more restful nights of sleep.

Thanks to Vanessa and her amazing ‘NEKED’ brand and delightful shopping experience. Nothing is too much for Vanessa.

What a treat to deal with a soul who is dedicated to the healing of self and others through natural means. I highly recommend the ‘NEKED’ brand and experience and would love to expand my own exposure to more of the CBD brand, in an effort to open more minds up in my own therapy practice, to the possibilities of healing on many other levels, through natural remedies, available from Vanessa and her ‘NEKED’ brand.

Go to Clarens, enjoy the quirky vibe of the ‘NEKED’ shop, the larger-than-life Vanessa herself, and her passionate naturopathic partner Daimon , along with her superb staff compliment. But, if you can’t get there, ordering online is quick and pain-free. Delivery was speedy and efficient. Overall a 10/10 from my side!

Dr Sandrina Haeck

Clinical Psychologist, Sexologist and Transformational Thera-Coach

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

Dr Sandrina Haeck CPsychol Clinical Psychologist (BA Psych, Hons Psych, MsC Clin Psych, PhD Family Systems, MA Sexol, PhD Sexol, Transformational Coach) Health Professions Counsel (SA) , American Psychological Association (USA), Chartered Clinical Psychologist of the British Psychological Society (UK) Robbins Madanas Training Institute (USA)



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