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Vanessa Jarvis Findlay

High! I am Vanessa Jarvis Findlay, Founder and Managing Partner of NEKED. Wife to Daimon Findlay. South African Music Award Winner 2019, Vegan, Dog -Mommy, Leader of NEKED. Qualified Cannabis Consultant. Canna-Entrepreneur “By the grace of God and Cannabis go I…Thank you ” Vanessa Jarvis Findlay And so I founded NEKED in Clarens in 2019. Because Cannabis, Clarens, Nature, Art, Music, Love and NEKED heal! I love NEKED and everything about it. The location, the vibe, the aesthetic, the team, the lifestyle and of course, the award-winning products we use and market to the general public, most specifically the Canna-Curious. I adore each carefully selected product we stock, and everything NEKED represents and stands for. When you walk into our store, you can feel the love. Love is the answer to everything. I have carefully selected every staff/team member for their unique gifts. Each person has experienced respective healing that has come about due to Cannabis. This God-given natural plant. I love collaborating, educating, training and healing myself with these exceptional human beings in everyday life at NEKED. I am so proud to call everyone my team. Team NEKED's dedication, loyalty and love of Cannabis and NEKED inspires me to wake up and bake every morning and share NEKED, our exceptional products and mostly our story with Clarens, the Free State, South Africa and the world. We are also incredibly blessed to stock the most refined products due to our long-standing relationships with our suppliers, who are all beyond exceptional. Neked would not exist without them, so we are incredibly grateful to them. I use and highly recommend all of our cannabis bud strains. AAA grade medical grade Marijuana. Personally selected and sometimes grown by my exceptional husband and master grower, Daimon Findlay. Whom I met and fell in love with and married through NEKED. I also cannot live without my KoiCBD pain-relieving cooling gel, my Koi naturals 500mg CBD oil, or the Elixinol Liposome for my mental health, chronic pain, insomnia and menopause. Without these products, NEKED would NOT exist. Most importantly, we cannot do this pioneering work without YOU! Our customers, members and business partners. We LOVE and APPRECIATE YOU! More than you will ever know. Thank you. Finally, to YOU reading this. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please tell me where it is, Eina. We have something for that! #TogetherWeedGetBetter #IgotNekedInClarens Sending love, light and healing to us all.

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Daimon Guy Findlay

Master Grower, Roller, Toker | Husband to Vanessa Bernadette Jarvis Findlay International Music Producer and DJ | Partner at NEKED. I have been involved with Cannabis for many decades locally and internationally as a consumer and cultivator. Meeting my Wife, Vanessa, the Founder of NEKED, is something I am incredibly grateful for. As we join forces together, we can educate, inspire and help anyone wanting to understand and heal with this sacred plant. I prefer to smoke and enjoy the high quality of the Cannabis bud available at this fine establishment. As to sore joints and muscular pain, having played the sport professionally, I use and highly recommend the Koi roll-on cooling gel; what an incredible product! Another of our fine products that I use regularly is from the Elixinol skincare range, having lived an active life outdoors. I have been amazed at the results and the product’s absorption rate, which also smells good. I am proud to welcome you to our fine establishment, where our magnificent Team NEKED, Vanessa and I are available with any questions or queries you may have to aid in a better understanding of Cannabis’s excellent God-given plant. #neked #nekedinclarens #togetherweedgetbetter #420community #koi #elixinol

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Qualified Cannabis Consultant

James Stewart

Qualified Cannabis Consultant Committed to and inspired by the healing powers of natural medicine. I have been a consumer of cannabis since my late teens for mental health and emotional well-being. Thanks to Vanessa and NEKED, I have been able to turn this personal passion into a livelihood and career. NEKED brings only the finest in most Cannabis products. I have developed a love for our world-class THC vapes that get all the flavour and potency of the best bud in the country with the utmost convenience and none of the health risks of smoking. I have also treated two long-term knee injuries with our Koi Healing Balm and have grown to appreciate that cannabis can heal the body too!

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Security guard and keeper of the peace

Thabang Koto Josias

I have suffered long-term injuries in my leg, back and ankle. Through the team of NEKED plus the guidance of Vanessa, I've been able to treat my pain using koi healing balms and CCBD-infused coffee. It has rejuvenated my family and me.

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Qualified Cannabis Consultant

Thulo Ramathe

My love and interest in the cannabis industry started in 2018 when I attended the 1st cannabis expo in South Africa and have since attended many more, thanks to Vanessa and the NEKED team. I’m now a qualified Cannabis Consultant. And it wasn't easy to break the stigma with my Mother, but the healing she received from Our KOI CBD proCBDt has changed her outlook. What I like about my work is: *Servicing the customers, *educating them about cannabis, not just the THC. & Hearing about and reading the positive feedback we get from our customers. My favourite product in the store would be our buds/strains; you get different effects from different strains, and the curing is exceptional.

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Looking after the shop so it's tidy and clean

Clifford Mzangwa

I like to work at NEKED because NEKED is a healing shop; they save many people’s lives. I like my team as we support each other; I look after the shop to be tidy and clean—my favourite product. Elixinol coconut liposome, I suffered from acid, sinus, joint pains and knee injury, and I was feeling exhausted every day in the morning; from now liposome has changed my life. I feel a lot healthier and happier. I also love my employers, V & D; they teach us stuff not just about the shop but about life. Clifford does so much more than clean. He is our best stock taker and our eyes and ears.

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Qualified Cannabis Consultant

James Aitken

I’m an avid believer in the age-old healing properties of the cannabis plant. We are growing and advancing in our industry through the grace of Vanessa and the NEKED team. I thoroughly enjoy helping people guide their way in a new era of acceptance. Some of my favourite products have to include the koi range. From the healing balms to the tinctures, consistent and reliable results are being found. I am helping people with various illnesses and trauma—the day-to-day struggle relief. If you’re looking for more of a good time, I can always recommend our THC brownie "green crack". Great for the first-time trier and great bang for your buck. Starting here definitely gives you the capacity to grow and experience the sub-tropic effects of thc in the best way. This is a Sativa strain and thus pleasant high with energy and giggles all around.

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Joy Nkopane

Since I've been part of Team NEKED, I've been a lot happy, because I have been welcomed with warm hearts from my team..and also I have my Bosses who are very caring to each one of us in the group, whom will correct you when you are making mistakes and whom will support you...Team NEKED is a lovely family...I've been treated with love, care and support from everyone in the team...My bosses will always make sure that you are safe and comfortable with them❤ I had back pain while at work, and James rubbed my back with Cooling gel, and I was fine after cooling gel, lollipops and lollies are my favourite products❤️😁

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