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Cannabis shop experience & healing with cannabis.

Discovering the NEKED cannabis shop & dispensary literally changes lives for the better. Here is a real-life account of how this little plant heals with love.

At NEKED we believe in sharing in our experiences to help others with their healing process. For us it is about a high quality of life, where we get to the root cause & treat people, not symptoms.

We hope to hear from more of our customers, like the below story, as we find healing inspirational. Here’s to changing 1 life at a time, naturally.

Thanks for sharing.

The day it all went pete tong

You just never know what can happen from 1 minute to the next. Casual Saturday, nothing out of the ordinary and then – BOOM! It took 3 hours to cut us out of the car, 1 week in hospital and multiple surgeries & then hearing the words “you have 10% chance of walking.”

Loaded with anti-depressants, sleeping tablets & very strong pain killers for 2 exploded ankles, arriving home never felt so good. Supported by my beautiful family, friends, colleagues, clients & suppliers I made it out of bed and into a wheelchair.

I still wasn’t me.

The pain was excruciating, both physically and emotionally. I was determined to walk – I have always been stubborn – but the days started getting foggy.

Little did I know just how destructive the medication I was taking was.

My introduction to cannabis

Suddenly I was angry, and I made it known, to everyone. The person in the chair was not me, and this was most apparent late at night and in the early hours of the morning. My sleeping tablets looked so good – my way out of this nightmare.

A friend came round and gifted me some weed, including a couple of pre-rolls and I thought “why not?”

After a few days my mindset changed, my ankles hurt less, and I generally felt better in myself. That got me to thinking, if a plant can help so much, why can I not choose this option and ditch the pills?

That’s exactly what I did.

The problem then came in with questions like; where to buy my “stash”, which weed was best, what was a mg (how it affects you) and the biggest – was I becoming a “stoner”.

Shock horror.

Finding my go to dispensary

Discovering NEKED’s cannabis shop literally changed my life! I can happily report that I have been walking, unaided and running a successful business (as CEO) for 8 months now.

To my doctor… I saw your 10% chance and raised you to 100%. No, seriously my doc is an excellent surgeon and worked miracles.

I was so intrigued about NEKED in Clarens – I went there! What an unexpected experience.

The team were so compassionate and educational, I wondered why it took so long to find this gem!

Vanessa (famous lady Godiva) spent the morning with me chatting about pain, the mental

challenge in recovery, the need to feel in control, while not hurting. Her story is so inspired, and I knew I found a brand who actually cares about their customers.

My cannabis shopping bag

I had never heard of FECO, a concentrated, whole plant extract. It has health benefits for people with regular pain, inflammation, or chronic ailments.

Weed is weed right? Wrong!

At the NEKED café the team (who are all certified) taught me about their award-winning cannabis products.

I bought the KOI cooling gel – it’s like deep heat x5000 and it takes my ankle pain away. This in turn helps me walk without a limp. I also left with some outdoor bliss, strawberry amnesia as well as a signed copy of “At home with Cannabis”. This I have gifted to my dad who has lymphoma.

Vanessa explained to me about the difference between sativa vs indica (focused high vs chilled high). She also educated me on the Elixinol CBD range which you can claim back from your medical aid, as the products have a Nappi Code.

As it was my 1st visit and I felt like a newbie, I came back home armed with natural goodness (& not the whole shop!) There was a lot of Neked CBD Coffee that made its way to my home & office though!

I can unequivocally state, because I worked on a coffee farm in Tanzania for 2 weeks, that this caffeine sensation is a daily must drink. Have some at the NEKED café – it’s served vegan. Instead of milk, you get whipped coconut cream and coconut sugar – yum-meee.

My cannabis journey with NEKED

As I don’t live in Clarens, I am delighted the NEKED has an online store. Although I enjoyed sitting on the NEKED members deck in Clarens, so much, I took my whole team there for a city escape.

I also have signed up to be an annual member (to get the Medical Grade Cannabis, Edibles & FECO) and do my monthly shop, now knowing what works for me.

My shop includes (with my personal experiences/reasons behind each item):

1. 5g outdoor bliss - I find it light and the experience a blissful calm

2. 10g strawberry amnesia - My fave at the mo as I can function pain-free

3. 5g – 10g blue dream - Great for the evening when you want to relax

4. KOI CBD healing balm - Has helped heal my scars and skin so much

5. THC Brownies Cheese 80mg - A weekend treat for no pain relaxation

6. NEKED CBD Coffee beans - My every morning essential to get stuff done

7. My THC Vape refill (8-NINE-10) - For the non-smelling quick pain relief at work

I am still exploring and learning and am so glad that NEKED's cannabis dispensary is my trusted “go to” place. The fact that you can ask a question, that they have so many amazing reviews and stories of healing, makes me a customer for life.

If you are a newbie and you are not a full member yet (you can still shop CBD products) you may find NEKED’s informational bud menu really helpful on learning about THC effects. It has all the info you need for the right high for you.

Then when you are ready, you can join the loyalty programme!

Thank you to everyone at NEKED my cannabis shop superheroes! I look forward to walking more of my canna-curious journey with you all.

And most of all thanks for not making me feel like “just another stoner” – let’s change that conversation! Where we can choose cannabinoids as our healing alternative to pills.

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