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Are you feeling canna-curious? We got your back, bud.

Are you feeling canna-curious? Then get NEKED in Clarens – an eclectic pioneering boutique cannabis café where marijuana, art, nature, music, and love collide.

Here at NEKED, we believe in the freedom to choose cannabis products and lifestyle practices that are natural and safe.

We offer AAA-grade medical marijuana and cannabis products. Our CBD coffee is a winner, while our edibles are beyond incredible! We also stock pre-rolled joints and other wonderful weed merchandise.

Open every day and ready to greet you with a smile, NEKED is home to highly trained staff that embody a friendly vibe.

If you’re looking for internationally award-winning CBD products and experienced staff who can answer your canna questions, then NEKED has got you covered.

From the canna-curious to the Jedi marijuana masters, we cater to all your weed needs.

Who’s NEKED?

Nestled in the heart of Clarens, the Free State’s tourist darling, NEKED in Clarens is a quaint establishment unlike any other.

A small store with big dreams and great experience, NEKED is fueled by its love for cannabis and the will to change lives – naturally and holistically.

Weed-wise and willing to help, the NEKED team has grown to nine members, boasting a combined experience of over 250 years of helping people use cannabis safely.

A one-of-a-kind as Clarens’ first CBD dispensary and cannabis café, NEKED bloomed from the idea that you should be able to buy quality products that deliver exceptional consistency in a safe, informative, and professional manner.

NEKED, unafraid, and famous

Did you ever hear the story of “that businesswoman who rode “kaal gat” through Clarens on a white horse?” Well, that’s Vanessa Bernadette Jarvis Findlay, NEKED Founder, SAMA award winner, and Cannabis Activist.

Established by Vanessa in December 2019, and joined by her husband Daimon Findlay in late 2020, NEKED is an extension of its founders’ energy and beliefs in marijuana.

An advocate for the use of cannabis and CBD products for healing, Vanessa can share her testimony on how this natural plant heals.

Through her personal experiences with cannabis, Vanessa highlights how the plant helped her heal anxiety, PTSD, and cancer.

“Being able to heal oneself any way you choose should be a right, not a criminal or stigmatised offense,” says Vanessa.

Opening up a CBD dispensary in one of South Africa’s most conservative towns is a risky move for any entrepreneur, but Vanessa believed that if she could make it work and break down the stigma surrounding CBD and cannabis in old-school Clarens, then she could do it anywhere.

Vanessa best describes NEKED as a place of healing; a space of acceptance and understanding. It’s about finding light in the darkness and a huge celebration of life.

Cannabis on the high rise

The use of marijuana is thankfully slowly losing the negative stigma. Since cannabis became legal for private consumption in South Africa, the opinions surrounding this powerful plant have shifted.

It’s no secret that the global cannabis industry is booming, and South Africa is next in line as a primed hotspot for cultivating Mother Nature’s finest medicine.

Here at NEKED, we offer internationally award-winning CBD and AAA medical-grade THC products that are of international standard with strict quality protocols.

Long gone are the days of shopping in dodgy places with products that are not consistently delivered. We believe in consistency and exceptional medical-grade marijuana.

Tell us where it’s “eina”

Not only do we offer the finest quality and impeccable consistency of products; but most importantly, we gladly provide our expertise.

With hundreds of years of combined experience under our belt, we are clued up when it comes to using CBD and cannabis for a variety of ailments and diseases.

Our team is dedicated to understanding you, your body, and your ailments. We get to the route cause and create natural treatments that treat the person, not the symptoms.

We offer an exciting array of products and merchandise including KOI CBD and Elixinol CBD products.

Get NEKED with us

On the hunt for the dopest cannabis shop around? Pop into our picturesque establishment and enjoy our full cannabis experience and product range.

Look for us in Clarens at Shop 2, Country Hub Centre, Main Street.

Come enjoy a chat and a hot cup of quality CBD coffee with us. Pop in for a sit-down joint on our gorgeous deck where friends are on your side and nature is your guide.

Can’t get enough of our stash? Why not join the NEKED Club to shop our THC products?

For the large spenders, we have a lekker program where you can gain points and turn them into rewards. Check out how you can get your paws on our Green Bud Backs! Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program.

Let’s stand for the right to treat our ailments safely and naturally – the NEKED way.

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